Leverage your existing knowledge to unlock greater income and impact

without demanding loads of your time.


A 1:1 High Energy Growth Day Tailored for Experts to Take Fast Aligned Action for Express Progress and Growth.

Inside Aligned Accelerator you’ll: Have clarity on the positioning of your offer, how to present it and market it with:

Signature Positioning - Define your online differentiator so you convey the value of your knowledge in an offer that’s set-up to sell, on repeat.

Go-to-Market Strategy - Clarify your target market and create key messaging so you’re confident you are reaching ideal clients who are ready to invest in your level of expertise.

Package and Present- Streamline and package up your idea into actionable steps, so clients experience the transformation you provide with ease and in the shortest time.

2024 Content Plan - Map out your content marketing plan for 1st Quarter 2024 so you start the year ready to share your offer and you’ll know exactly what content to post for 3 months.


DONE WITH YOU CONSULTING: To take your first steps into the online world with what you already know, for more impact and more diversity in your business with less time.

For established experts who want support to create and package their first online offers or services, so that in just 4 months you can go from no online presence to ready to market and sell your online service.

Inside Elevated Expert you’ll:

  • Package up your existing knowledge to unlock new income streams and help more people without demanding more of your time.

  • Have a marketing strategy so that more people can access your work now and you have a clear plan of ways to market and build your online reputation ongoing.

There are 3 phases to the signature Elevated Expert framework: 

Visionary Blueprint: mapping your vision to create an online business model that supports you to optimise your knowledge and time now, with a clear pathway for building a sustainable online business.

Expert Elevation: Extract and package your expertise into an in-demand online offer or service targeted to your ideal clients, with confidence - no guesswork.

Strategy: Fundamental steps that will position your offer to create new revenue streams, allow more people to access your work and set your business up so you can begin to take more time away from it.


DONE FOR YOU CONSULTING: To take your expertise from in-person to online to maximise your impact, income and time. Full service activation from idea through to implementation.

For established experts who want support to package, market & systemise their business from in person to online. A full business transformation that will identify opportunities, package your services with a bespoke marketing strategy and a team to set up the backend systems in 8 months or less.

Inside Amplified Expert you'll:

  • Monetise your existing knowledge to unlock greater income and impact without demanding more of your time

  • Have a marketing & sales strategy so that more people can access your work today and you have a clear roadmap of ways to market and build your reputation for years to come.


  • Have the backend part of your business set up to build your business on repeat, giving you peace of mind and time freedom.

There are 4 phases to the signature Amplified Expert framework: 

Vision Mapping: to create a sustainable business model that supports the life you want to lead with a clear roadmap for how you can achieve it.

Strategy:  Simple, high impact steps that will position, market and sell your existing knowledge to create new revenue streams, allow more people to access your work and cement your online reputation.

Systems: Create simplicity and flow in the backend of your business without needing in-depth technical knowledge.

Execution: Support to take the exact steps that will take you from zero online presence to new online revenue streams within months. Plus, a clear plan for how you can maintain the model beyond our time together.

Imagine what life will be like when your online business gives you the space to choose how you spend your time?

I loved the results of in-person coaching until I realised it wasn't sustainable...

Sherwood is an Online business coach for coaches ready to create a business that supports you AND energises you. She provides business strategy that allows your freedom to flow.

She is Mum to 2 treasured adult kids and partner to her soul mate, who she now chooses to spend most her time with. Having more energy & space to be with her family fuelled her deep desire to create the scalable business she now loves, that feeds her soul and her bank account. She is the owner of a
Property business and Online Coaching business, she’s built from the ground up.

Lifetime entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Coach...

With 30 years of personal development experience, skills she now weaves in as a signature piece of her coaching. She has made business & freedom her reality and is expertly placed and on an unstoppable mission to help you do the same.

She believes every coach can serve more people without working more, as long as they are open to new coaching formats & have the desire to create more flexibility, sustainability & profitability in their coaching business.

Sherwood is known for her unique approach to merging business strategy with energetic alignment to create more work life enjoyment, one coaching business at a time.

Imagine what life will be like when your online business gives you more time freedom?

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